nedelja, 09. december 2012

Painlessly create a screencast in linux/ubuntu

How to create and edit video in Linux/Ubuntu

Tools you need:
in this order. First, run RecordMyDesktop and 
  • click "Save As" and select destination for your recording
  • by clicking "Select window" pick a window you will record (or create a selection of your window)
  • click "Record"
  • do some magic moves while recording
  • click "Stop" on your Panel (big red button)
Now, you will need to convert your .ogv file into .avi. This is just for the sake of OpenShot Video Editor. It handles .avi easier (I had some problems with editing .ogf files). Use ffmpeg:

$ ffmpeg -i recorded_movie.ogv -vcodec mpeg4 -sameq -acodec libmp3lame recorded_movie.avi
recorded_movie.ogv was the output of recordmydesktop. recorded_movie.avi is the output of the ffmpeg. Now, open OpenShot Editor and edit, cut, add text and transition between sections your recorded_movie.avi. For adding text I used Title -> New title. Pick your stile, input the name, the text. It pops out in your Project Files. Pick&drop it in your timeline. Easy. A screen-shot of my OpenShot Video editor:

OpenShot Video Editor in action.